The Life and Impact of Jackie Robinson

In the spring of 1947, Jackie Robinson played his first game with the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking down Major Leagues Baseball’s decades-old color line and changing the face of the game forever. The program gives the audience an intimate look at Robinson and the impact he has had on society and today’s culture.

Voices of the Outsiders: Rock and Roll’s Unsung Artists

Rock and Roll Music is an American contribution to the world. Early performers were mainly African-Americans and poor whites often from the American south. These performers, considered “outsiders” often found relevant themes from the words of first and second generation Jewish immigrants, who were also considered ’outsiders’ by mainstream culture.

The Amazing Hannah Penn: Second Wife to William, Quaker, Stepmother, and Proprietor of Pennsylvania

She was twenty-five years younger when she married an icon of the Quaker faith. Hannah Penn tells the story of her own and William’s childhood. She recounts her life as ‘the second wife’; tells of uncooperative and stubborn step children and of the Penn’s mounting debt. When William died, Hannah became the Proprietor of Pennsylvania, and needed all her business skills to govern the province and pay down its debt. She succeeded: she governed her Province for eight years from England, and at her death the Penns and Pennsylvania were completely debt free. This is a living history presentation and can be adapted to the age or interest of the audience.

How to Write a Story

Story structure, character development, creative techniques, and responses to individual student interest and teacher needs are included in this fun and informative session, presented by an award-winning regional author. Each student in the session receives one of the author’s regional/Delmarva folklore books, and the session can be modified, based on the size of the audience and a teacher-presenter discussion, prior to the presentation. Additional hands-on exercises can be included for smaller groups, and question and answer time and story examples are incorporated for larger classes.