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January 12, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Delaware Art Museum
2301 Kentmere Pkwy
Wilmington, DE 19806
One Village Alliance

Friday welcomes families and community members for a film screening of critically acclaimed documentary Teach Us All. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the 1957 Little Rock school desegregation crisis, educational inequality remains among the most urgent civil rights issues of our time. With its school district hanging in the balance following a state takeover in January 2015, Little Rock today presents a microcosm of the inequities and challenges manifesting in classrooms all across America. Through case studies in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles, Teach Us All seeks to bring the critical lessons of history to bear on the current state of U.S. education and investigate: 60 years later, how far have we come-or not come-and how do we catalyze action from here? The film screening will be followed by a panel talk-back.

Program Description

Raising Kings Week (RKW) focuses on both the turbulent and magnificent history of the Black male cultural experience in America in relation to the present and future of men and boys of color. The project is purposed to foster an understanding of the history, psychology, sociology, literature, culture, education and the relationships between White America, African-Americans and other Africans in the Diaspora and the continent. The convening brings together a broad and diverse community from all three counties of Delaware for thought provoking experiences, relationship building activities and courageous conversations to increase cultural awareness and understanding among people, cultures, and ideas. In each thoughtful component of RKW, we explore the relationship that exists with our own identity, family, community and the world historically through today. Through seven powerful events over just as many days, Raising Kings Week culminates on Martin Luther King Day and launches a year-round initiative to change society's prominent image and expectations of men and boys of color. As we look at where we are today as a nation, it’s clear that mere social gatherings are not enough. Raising Kings is a year-round, high impact opportunity that kicks off during National Mentoring Month to connect our highest needs youth with positive male mentors, role models and fathers. With your help, we can continue to raise the next generation of Dr. King-like leadership and empower our children to begin living "the Dream"!