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Delaware Humanities provides grant funding to non-profit organizations in Delaware and to Delaware state and local government entities.

Delaware Humanities grant projects bring Delawareans together by offering cultural programs in institutions of all kinds: museums, libraries, schools and colleges, senior centers and veterans hospitals, churches, social service agencies, and businesses. Designed to encourage conversations and connections, these programs offer Delaware communities insights into the way we think, the things we value, and the world we live in – in short, what it means to be human. Visit our Recent Grants page here to see projects that Delaware Humanities has supported recently.

Note: The arts and humanities are not the same, which is why Delaware has both the Delaware Division of the Arts and Delaware Humanities. Arts programs focus on creation and performance. Humanities programs focus on the interpretive aspects of the arts: historical or philosophical contexts, analyses of methodology, or approaches to art movements or periods. Delaware Humanities will offer grants for programs which combine performance with interpretation, such as a scholarly discussion following the production of a play. While Delaware Humanities funds humanities projects which interpret or use art and performance to begin conversations, we do not fund projects focused on the creative and/or performing arts, and we do not offer grants to individuals. Delaware artists seeking grant information should visit the Delaware Division of the Arts at


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