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Delaware Humanities has awarded grants to the following organizations during our 2017 fiscal year.

Hagley Museum and Library
Brandywine Valley Oral History
Hagley received Delaware Humanities support to make publicly available 352 hours of recorded interviews with Delaware residents who worked in and lived near the Hagley powder yards in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Conducted between the late 1950s and early 1980s, these interviews include the ancestors of many current Delaware residents and will be of enormous interest to, among others, family members who want to hear the voices and recollections of grandparents and great-grandparents. Hagley has devoted considerable resources to recording, processing, and preserving these interviews and received Delaware Humanities support for help with the final stage: improving access to these recordings to make them accessible. The result will be a freely accessible online digital resource providing access to the heavily indexed recordings, accompanied by a publicity campaign to promote public use.

Rehoboth Art League
RAL’s Gallery Talk Series
The Rehoboth Art League received Delaware Humanities support for a series of public talks in coordination with their 2017 exhibition calendar. These talks will be led by curators, artists, and art historians connected to a number of RAL’s major art exhibitions. The aim of the Gallery Talks is to further engage interested community members in a dialogue about art theory and criticism, and the art history of the works, to provide additional insight into the creative process.

The Delaware Contemporary
Tumbling the Jewel: Sicily
The Delaware Contemporary received Delaware Humanities funds to support Tumbling the Jewel: Sicily, a symposium featuring nationally and internationally renowned speakers who will discuss the multi-ethnic contributions and current global issues facing Sicily and contemporary art today. The symposium will feature prominent panelists who will discuss the current state of global concerns, such as the refugee crisis, xenophobia, fear and unrest, through the lens of Sicily’s past and present. A discussion of contemporary art in Sicily will be deepened through the art history of its rich and turbulent history. Scholars will also speak about the contributions of three major faiths during Norman rule in Sicily, a period of relative calm and tolerance where Muslims, Jews, and Christians worked together to produce complex and multicultural masterpieces.

New Castle Historical Society
New Castle Visitor Center at The Arsenal
This project will create a semi-permanent exhibit for the newly formed New Castle Visitor Center at the Arsenal. New wall cases and floor fixtures, paid for by other funding sources, will be the base for this new exhibit space that tells the history of New Castle from early colonial contact to the present day. A changing exhibit space will be initially dedicated to the Italian immigrant experience. The objective of this exhibit is to more thoroughly engage visitors in the rich and diverse history of New Castle.

George Washington Society of Delaware
Voices of the Past: Black Patriots of the American Revolution
In partnership with regional African-American scholars and re-enactors, the George Washington Society developed this program to help bridge the gap between the expanding academic scholarship of the black experience and the need for this history to be more widely taught and available. Humanities scholars and re-enactors are joining together to increase awareness and understanding of the story of African American participation in the American Revolution.

Inside Opera Live pre-show lectures
The Inside Opera Live lectures will be pre-show talks given by world renowned dramaturg, Cori Ellison and Metropolitan Opera Radio host and author William Berger. This year, OperaDelaware celebrates the 225th birthday of Gioachino Rossini with the productions of Cinderella (La Cenerentola) and Semiramide, based on Voltaire’s tradegy Semiramis. The goal of the pre-concert talks is to better educate a modern audience by fostering engagement, appreciation, and connection through and with the subject matter presented in the operas.

Bowers Beach Maritime Museum
Bowers Beach Buccaneer Bash
The 5th Annual Buccaneer Bash will be held on May 27 and 28. The festival will explore the myths and realities of 18th century pirate life through historical reenactment, demonstrations and theatre. Pirates were not welcome to trade in big cities because of their lifestyles. They relied on small coastal towns like Bowers Beach to get supplies. The reenactors will give patrons insight into pirate life and teach what it was like to live in small encampments along the Delaware Bay. Through sea shanties and written and oral history, visitors will be immersed in the recounting of old tales and get a glimpse into the culture of pirate life.

Delaware Art Museum
Wilmington Writers Workshop
Using the Delaware Art Museum’s unique collection as a backdrop, this one-day conference will include a keynote presentation and craft talk by novelist and Wilmington-native Christopher Castellani, eight sessions taught by area writers, a lunchtime discussion on Delaware’s literary history, and a panel discussion on the “life of the writer”. The conference is open to individuals of all ages.

Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve
Yorklyn: Then & Now exhibit
The Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve, in partnership with the Center for Creative Arts and Delaware State Parks, will develop the Yorklyn: Then and Now exhibition to be debuted Yorklyn Day on June 4, 2017. The exhibit will address the emergence of Yorklyn as a mill town following the establishment of a railroad station on the B&O Railroad during the 1870s, highlighting its growth in the early 1900s, its decline in the 1960s and 1970s through today’s revitalization efforts. Yorklyn: Then and Now will be installed as a one-day exhibition and then repurposed and re-installed in various sites throughout Yorklyn.

Delaware Academy of Science
Iron Hill Museum Archaeology & Heritage Festival
The Iron Hill Museum’s 17th annual Archaeology Festival took place on May 7. This year’s theme was “The Tools of the Trade.” The festival focused on historical occupations, and what tools both the settlers and the archeologists used to do their work.

Lewes Historical Society
Service, Suffrage, & Swing: WWI Era in Delaware
The Lewes Historical Society received funding for the 2017 Chautauqua.  The program includes five days of lectures, music, tours, and historic theatre that will bring to light the changes that occurred in Delaware and in our country as a result of WWI during the 100th Centennial.


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